Where did February Go?

– I am still here!  Just writing other stuff!  I happened to pick up a relatively big writing job at the beginning of February.  My days of browsing the job sites, writing proposals, and sneaking in the Sons of Hodir dailies over lunch time are pretty much over for a while.  I can’t say that I write solidly from 8am to 8pm, but when I sit down at my computer each morning, that is my intent.  And I am content.  The guy I’m writing for likes my work well enough that we’re discussing a long term arrangement (omg salary).

– I’ve got a long post in the works to follow up my last one.  In essence, it’s how to recruit healers and not be too creepy.  You’d think it wasn’t that tough…

– I’ve gone shadowy.  As other priests in the guild began to pick up their tier 7 pieces, they all seemed to be going with the healing one.  After the third one did so, I decided I’d be the guild’s token shadow priest.  My holy gear set really kicked ass, but according to be.imba, my shadow set is now even better.  My DPS on Patchwerk last weekend (our first attempt at him) was over 2500, and I brought tasty replenishment to all the mana users.  Mana mana…

– I haven’t been back to heal the 25-mans with that other guild since all the stalking with Mr. Creepy.  This is in part because they haven’t been able to fill up their raids even with me along, so they’ve been taking some time off.  Last week, they seemed to have enough folks, but took a guildie instead of me (which is totally cool).  Our little guild is ramping up the raiding a little bit, expanding the Naxx runs from one night to two, so I don’t mind.  It’s plenty for me right now, especially with my limited play schedule.

– Our little guild regularly clears the Arachnid Quarter and have cleared the Military Quarter twice.  (People keep saying that we have it on farm, but … is downing the Four Horseman just twice really considered “on farm?”)  We had one hilarious attempt at Heigan (-splat-) and we successfully downed Patchwerk at the end of a run one evening.  Now that we’re expanding our raiding beyond a single 3-4 stretch (one night per week), I think we’ll make a little more progress.

– I haven’t had quite as many times for heroics lately, but the thing that I always make time for?  Wintergrasp. Yes, really.  I don’t know what Wintergrasp battles are like on your server, but on mine, they are positively EPIC.  In the evening battles, we routinely have two full raids (sometimes three) on each side, hundreds of people battling it out for the keep.  Last night, I was in a brilliant battle, defending the keep.  Both the east and west walls were breached, and in the last five minutes, the Alliance made a push through the front.  There were crowds of Horde blasting down the vehicles as they burst through one by one.  The Alliance smartened up, gathered up a bunch of seige vehicles, and made an organized assault on one of our inner walls.  My god, it was exciting.  They didn’t bust through it on that push, but they did on the next.  During the final two minutes on the timer, they managed to get a few catapults inside the heart of the keep.  We managed to take them down before they did too much damage, and we kept control of Wintergrasp.  Lots of elated folks in the channels after that one. 😀


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