H’okay, so…

My priest’s gear pretty much rocks.  She’s gotten to the point where there are few easily attainable upgrades for her (for either her shadow or healing set), given the content the guild is running, though I do need to finish up that Sons of Hodir rep grind soon.  Her enchanting is maxed, her tailoring is just a few points away… wow, it’s sort of amazing.  I’ve never been in this situation with a WoW character before.  It’s sort of fun!  I feel more free to follow my nose.  I even step aside for others in heroics if they could use the gear, because I really don’t need badges.  I’ve brewed up some very low level alts, in part because I’d like to bask in this for a little while longer.

Our guild continues to make good progress in Naxx, too.  We had some troubles with Sapphiron last week, largely due to the healing, I suspect.  I was on DPS and in studying the WWS stats after, it seemed we didn’t quite have the party healing to overcome the frost aura damage, at least compared to the week when we did down him.  At any rate, another run begins tonight.  We’ll clear three wings and then return Sunday to finish everything off.



Yes… I went through with it.  I’m enjoying a 21 day free trial of EVE Online, finally caving in after all the great articles and podcasts I’ve encountered recently from the Ancient Gaming Noob, Van Hemlock, and assorted SUWT folks.  The game is complicated as hell but the tutorials are helping me get my footing.  I confess it is sort of fun to be clueless and have a lot to learn, once again.

Beyond that, my writing work is keeping my busy as a little bee.


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  1. I tried EVE a couple of times before actually subscribing over the new year. My character is just at the level where she bought her first cruiser. She could probably be a lot further along but I just don’t play that often. Maybe one or two hours a week.

    The game is something of a conundrum. At one level it’s very ‘grindy’; For the low to medium skill levels you’re either running missions, seemingly, endlessly or mining, seemingly, endlessly.

    On the other hand the depth is incredible. I can easily spend an hour looking through the skills, weapons, goods and ships that are available. Of course that doesn’t get my character very far.

  2. I can definitely see the grindy-ness you’re talking about, though I sort of find that appealing. I was always one of those weirdos that liked the Nesingwary quest chains. 🙂

    The depth and complexity of EVE are a bit daunting, but I think that’s also part of the draw. It’s fun to be a noob again and enjoy the process of discovering a game. I was rather blown away by all the options in the career guide I looked at recently, as well. I was fairly sure I wanted to get into mining and manufacturing and stuff, but now I’m less certain.

    My EVE character’s name is Izdratha if you’d like to look me up and chat in game sometime. Sounds like you’re not on often, but our ships may one day pass in the night…

  3. I tried out the free trial, but it was at the wrong time. I was bogged down with writing assignments that kept me very busy. I do remember getting blown. I didn’t bother to check out tutorials before playing the game for the first time, which is something I rarely do. One of these days I’ll again check it out to see how I like the game.

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