Naxx Cleared

Our little guild finished its first full clear of Naxx-10 last weekend.  My priest was on replenishment duty, blasting the minds and melting the faces of the baddies in all her purple, glowy splendor.  On Friday night, I was part of the team that cleared three of the lower quarters (the tougher three).  The following Sunday, we blazed through the Spider Quarter, got Sapphiron down on the second try, and Kel’thuzad on the third.  I hate to say it, but the Kel’thuzad fight itself was actually a bit anticlimactic.  It’s downright boring compared to Sapphiron, in fact.  The thing that seemed to get us killed the first two shots was people being hypnotized by their shot rotations, not realizing they were standing in whirling circles of death.  Heh… I guess that’s part of the fight, eh?  Paying attention?

Anyway, we’ve another attempt at a full clear happening this coming weekend. We’ll take our first few stabs at Malygos tonight, which should be entertaining, but I feel my interested in raiding (and WoW) waning just a little bit.  I want to stay active, keep raiding, hang out with folks, etc, but … I think this is sort of a defense mechanism.  I don’t want to burn out.  I put a lot of work into my priest in the months since Wrath was released, working with a calculated urgency to not let her fall behind the guild’s gearing curve.  I wanted to be among the guild’s first raiding teams to clear Naxx, and I did that.  I’ll definitely still go on the raids, lending my heals or face-meltings as needed, but I’m also okay with not going.  Now is the time to relax a bit, level some alts, and …

Play another game on the side.  I’m planning to subscribe to EVE Online after my trial is up (or before, if I hit some limitation that won’t let me progress), and start spending some of my free time in space.  Rather than clutter this blog, I’ve started a separate blog to my experiences in EVE.  Wara has also started playing, so we’ll be Noobs in Space together. 🙂


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  1. Oh yeah, definitely — like I said, I’m not quitting raiding and I’m still very interested in helping the guild progress. It just feels good to have it not be everything, if that makes any sense.

    We did pretty well in our first Malygos attempts that night, too. We made progress on each attempt and by the end of the session, we were comfortably getting to phase 3. Now we all just need to practice our dragon riding skillz and speed up our progress through each phase. I’m not crazy about all these vehicle fights, but overall, I agree. It’s a pretty fun encounter. 🙂

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