Droppin’ like flies out there…

Looks like we’ve had another rash of blog closings in the last few months.  Some are quitting WoW because they’re bored with the game (having finished all the content or not), others want/need to spend more time with family, and some are just refocusing their efforts on other things.  This is all fine and dandy — it’s a hobby, and we’ll all move on from it some day.  Blogging, too, is a hobby that enriches our main hobbies.  When that becomes a chore, it’s also time to move on from that.

Dax gave me a nudge recently, noting that I hadn’t been posting much recently.  It’s true.  Again, this has to do with my new job.  I hated my old job, so much of my time was spent messing around on the internet, letting me blog as much as I wanted.  Now, not only do I like my job, it’s a writing job!  So, I have to try not to let myself get too distracted thinking about the game during the day.  (I write from the same computer that has WoW on it, too, leaving me constantly in peril!)

In any case, I mean to reassure (the five readers that I have left) that it’s doubtful I’ll close the blog any time soon.  I will, one day, finish those big posts I have going, too.

I’ll also have a post next week offering something unexpected:  a contest.  Given the focus of this blog, it’s not the most natural move for me. (I’ve never been one of the “big” bloggers, I’m the sole writer here, and I write the content with little expectation of readership.)  Still, someone contacted me asking if I would hold a contest for them if they provided the prizes and … well, when I saw what the prize was, I had to say yes.

Stay tuned… 😉


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