Only Two?

I almost wonder if people looked at the title of my last post and thought I was plugging someone else’s contest for the free Arthas book.  Seriously, Simon and Schuster would like to give away promotional copies.  So, please see my last post if you would like the opportunity to win a free copy.  Heck, if only three more people post there, you are all guaranteed a copy.

Either that or my readership has dwindled more than I realized.  🙂


In WoW news, my priest shelled out for the dual spec.  It was a natural move, since I had been respeccing with reasonable regularity.  Several of the other priest healers are now working on shadow sets, which puts me in an interesting position.  I previously switched to shadow to be sure that I was still able to raid, despite the healer surplus we had.  Does this mean I’ll now have to heal while they play with their new shadow specs?  I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  I do like healing, too.

I’m still enjoying focusing on one toon, too.  It has been nice to have all my badge-earning centralized.  The only bad part is that, since I have just one 80 at the moment, it leaves me with just one raid ID per week for various raids.  Our guild is in the process of trying to put together a second raid team, and it kind of sucks that I have no toons to offer them.

My paladin made it to 70, but is waiting for the mister to be ready to play his shaman again, as we’d decided to continue leveling them as a duo.   He’s been focusing on his warrior, so I’ve started playing my druid a bit.  She’s at 46 now and enjoying the feral life. /pounce!


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  1. I’ve been reading through your posts ever since I stumbled upon you blog yesterday. I found you via another blog. I still haven’t shelled out the money for any of my toons although my Horde Holy Priest is at 80 I haven’t played her in months. I still enjoy healing but… well I switched over to Alliance side for a while. I currently have a level 22 Holy Priest that I’m having a blast with. I learned so much with my first Holy Priest that this time around it’s very easy.

    Initially I did think you were plugging the book for another website.

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