I’ve been productive!

I’ve leveled my hunter to 80!  Once I got out of Dragonblight, it was smooth sailing. I really dislike that zone.  Despite how cool the Wrathgate cinematic is, I still hate Venomspite (and New Hearthglen) enough to make me never want to do the zone again.  Anyway, after Dragonblight, I took her to Sholazar until I felt she was high enough level for Storm Peaks, where she then did the quest line to unlock the Hodir dailies.  From there, she went to Icecrown to quest enough to pick up tabards for the Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade.  Shortly after this, she dinged 80.

I’m finally having fun with her again.  I like the wolf she’s been hunting with much better than I ever liked the raptor (who has since been released into the wild).  While I still miss the old shot rotations, I’m used to dealing with shot priorities now.  It’s not unlike being a shadow priest, in many ways.  I decided to level as survival to get a good grasp on the spec.  Yes, I pull aggro off my pet pretty often, but that gives me an excuse to use traps (something else I’ve missed).

I’m planning to gear her up for raiding so I’ll have a second raid ID to play with.  I don’t think she’ll ever be my main again — I love my priest too much.  Still, it’ll be nice to have another option, particularly as our guild grows and potentially runs a second 10-man team.

We’ve made some good progress in our raiding, too!  One of our new raid leaders decided it was finally time to take another stab at Malygos.  Honestly, we were only in there a few times before the raid leaders at the time decided it wasn’t worth our time.  We always got to phase three with no problem, but once we were on the drakes, it was nothing but lightning explosions and chaos, punctuated by repair bills.

The new person leading our Friday raids now he decided we needed to buck up, get back in there, and learn phase three.  I gotta give him credit on this — one of the reasons we didn’t progress before is that we did not persist.  While the raiders in our guild are friendly and competent, some of them very much hate to fail enough that they’ll pull us out of an encounter before we’ve really worked up a sweat trying to get past it.  “I don’t think we have the gear for this, so let’s just call it and go back to Naxx.”  Nooooo!!!

So, this time, the new raid leader was determined to not let us quit.  (He’s been frustrated, as well.)  After several wipes, our Sunday raid leader (who was not leading this particular raid) suggested that we just call it and move on to Naxx.  The evening’s raid leader said, “I think we should keep going.  We have plenty of time to work on this — this was the plan for the night.”  Yay!  We persisted.  After we got *everyone* in the raid to properly use the /follow macro after we dropped off the platform, we were led to victory.  Huzzah.  It was very exciting.

To follow with our persistence theme, we finally downed Ignis.  Again, we’d only seem him twice and had taken no more than three or four attempts either time before the raid leader pulled us out.  Thrilled by this victory, we decided to proceed to Auriaya.  We’d wiped on her trash once the week before, but this time came prepared.  We downed the trash and then downed her and her cats after we got the pull figured out.  Now, we’re working on Hodir.  It’s exciting to see us moving along at such a steady clip.


2 responses

  1. In my old guild we’d take a few shots, fail, move on. I hated that. Since the merger, our GM/RL keeps us on the same boss for a lot more attempts. If it’s obvious we aren’t going to do it that night, we’ll go to another boss, but we’ll be right back there the following night. Skipping “hard” bosses isn’t progression!

  2. Yeah, that’s very frustrating. I found out later that the raid leader was taking us back to Naxx thinking that easily downing bosses would leave the evening on a more positive note. *sigh*

    Things are definitely better now. If it’s clear we’re making zero progress (if there are class composition problems or something), we’ll move on. Other than that, we’ll keep at it. It’s much more fun for me, though some folks in our guild seem to cope with the wiping better than others. We’ve almost got enough for two 10-mans now, so it may be that we can collect those willing to wipe into a more solid progression group.

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