Bloggish Things

This blog’s second birthday passed a few weeks ago, so I decided a makeover was due.  (Probably long overdue!)

I’ve already performed the sad task of removing inactive blogs from my blogroll.  So many of the folks I followed during my more active blogging days have moved on, in some cases totally shutting down their blogs.  I’ve kept them in my feed reader in hopes they might one day re-emerge, perhaps with Cataclysm.

You’ll also notice the ever-expanding list of non-WoW blogs that I follow.  I believe my blog could evolve into a more general gaming or MMO blog eventually, though I’m so deeply entrenched in WoW at the moment that I’m sure it will still dominate the content as I start writing more regularly.  I have had a lot of fun checking out other games and writing up reviews of them, however.  (A few more of these are in the oven!)  I’m hoping to do a lot more of that sort of thing, just to mix things up.

I’ve found tons of new blogs recently and I’m slowly adding them to my link list.  If you think I’m missing some “must read” blogs, please do share links in the comments.  I’m hoping to become a more active part of the community again and I realize I have loads of catching up to do.  I finally caved and joined the masses on Twitter, as well.

Next, I’ll be fiddling with the layout and redoing all the tags and categories, so things might be a mess for a while.  It will be a lot of work, but it’ll be fun going through the old posts.  Ah, such a noob.

Anyway, hopefully this means I’m really back!  Hello!


3 responses

  1. @Dax

    Thanks! Still have some work to do. I just noticed I have no blogroll, for example. (Oops, hehe.) Great to be back though. 🙂


    I had this idea I could resist Twitter forever, but it is actually pretty fun. I’m still a relatively light user. For now… >.>

    And thanks for the welcome back!

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