Dragon Age (shall be reviewed)

EDIT: I just received an e-mail saying they’re sending my copy after all. Coincidence? (A couple bloggers made similar posts about this yesterday.)

As my husband sometimes says, “The universe is far more interested in embarrassing me than inconveniencing me.” Not that this was particularly inconvenient, but you catch my drift. I’m happy about the outcome, too. Like I said in my last version of this post, I’ve heard good things about the game.

So, post withdrawn. 🙂


4 responses

  1. They offered to send out a review copy to just about anyone with a blog (me included) in hopes that they would get some free advertising. I don’t expect that they ever planned to send out the review copies.

  2. @Ethic

    Hehe, yeah, I am wondering whether the posts had anything to do with it. Probably not mine specifically, but the higher traffic blogs maybe. In any case, I’m glad to get to review it after all. I was looking forward to it.


    His note says my copy “has been shipped and will be arriving shortly,” so I’m thinking it’s on the way this time. I’ll keep you posted though. 🙂

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