Going to War

No, not Warhammer (though that is on my list of games to play and review)… my Ikariam alliance!  We have gone to war!

I’d been idly playing Ikariam during the day, in between working on my magnum opus and checking the guild forums.  My five towns were doing well, but  the game was beginning to slow a bit for me.  I don’t have the military to start farming inactive people (which is the type of pillaging that my defense-oriented alliance generally supports), so I was left to just expand my population, beef up my defenses, upgrade buildings, and discover new technologies.  I was pretty much in maintenance mode hoping to eventually expand to a sixth town and maybe someday a seventh.  (This is *very* expensive and definitely a long term goal.)  I spent most of my time trading with my alliance and making sure me resources were well-protected.

Then, there were some rumblings in the last couple weeks.  Someone got pillaged by a member of an alliance that we had fought with in the past.  They called for aid, but our leadership said that the terms of the cease fire from the previous war stated that one-on-one battles (as this had been) were permitted between people with scores within 20K.  Additional retribution from our alliance could bring about another war, which they hoped to discourage.  The last one was very costly, apparently.

The pillaging victim backed down, but the needling continued.  There were additional reports of pillaging.  Then, the final straw: a 3:1 attack on one of our alliance members after he helped defend someone on his island who was being pillaged by our enemy.  Our leader contacted the enemy and explained the recent violations of the agreements that ended our last war, concluding: “Cease Attacks or War it is.”  In the hours that followed, we got our answer.  The attacks began.  War!  Raaar!

At first, I was afraid that we were not organized enough.  A lot of people were offering troops and resources toward the war effort, but it was unclear where to send them.  In the meantime, our membership unleashed herds of spies on the enemy’s towns to identify weak spots and possible points of entry.  Eventually, a few people offered their cities as staging grounds, giving us some coordinates to concentrate on.  It was not quite the organized assault I was expecting, but troops were deployed, cities near our enemies were infiltrated and occupied, and we began our own attacks.

I helped out by sending sulfur to those capable of making strong military units.  I have loads of good defensive units, but none of the advanced offensive units are available to me yet. Our alliance boards were updated with brief messages every few minutes to let us know how the battles were going.  One of our leaders described the cat and mouse game he had going with one of the enemy alliance’s leaders.  Troops were being shuffled and and mysteriously scattered, among other things.  As the evening’s battle intensified, the enemy leader sent this message to ours:

“You seem to be very fast and slippery. As of now you seem to be able to avoid my troops, but your [sic] going to sleep sometime.”


So, before I went to bed, I deployed 200 defensive troops, 100 to each of the staging sites that I had seen listed.  Initially I had decided I’d best stay off the radar, but really, what fun would that be?

(I don’t think I’d have the time to play it, but all of this makes me want to resub to EVE!)


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