Do you hate Oculus?

I do. I absolutely loathe the place.  I’ll run any other heroic any time, but Oculus is the one that you have to twist my arm for.  “It’s not hard,” my guildmate who doesn’t mind the place keeps telling me. Yes, I know it’s not hard.  I know how to do the encounters and am capable of executing them.  I just don’t enjoy them.  Like,  not at all.

This hatred was born in pick-up groups back in the months after Wrath was released.  It seemed everyone’s cluelessness was amplified to unbearable degrees in Oculus.  It was mainly in the “fly around and stay together” part.  There was always someone who got lost or fell behind and then pulled additional mobs and wiped the group.  Wipe recovery meant navigating back to our previous spot through three dimensions (evidently rather confounding for some).  Worse, sometimes people would lose their drake-summoning thing and have to go back to get another one, meaning they’d have to navigate through all the skipped mobs yet again (sometimes just to die again immediately).

Once, we got so tired of a person losing their drake repeatedly that we instead had the warlock in the group summon them whenever we landed on a platform.  So, you know the boss that ports himself from platform to platform?  Yeah, we summoned this player in between the fight on each platform.  I’m sure you’re wondering how we even got the final boss down.  It ended up being a non-issue, as we didn’t get Mr. Portalpants down before two people had to leave for dinner.

I have run Oculus with my guild and we don’t have such problems, obviously.  We’re usually in vent, too, while we run heroics, so that makes it even easier to communicate and stay together.  Even so, I have had such rotten experiences there in the past, I do not have fun in there even when going in with my very competent guildies.

So, I hate to say it, but Blizz’s “fix” in the 3.3 patch, which nerfs Oculus in and attempt to make it more appealing, isn’t going to make the place any less painful for me.  It really was not the difficulty level, it was the design.  Plus, my hatred of the place has now grown to such unreasonable proportions, I think the only way to repair it would be to blow the place up and fully redesign it. (I know that’s not really an option.)

I know I’m not the only one that hates the place.  I don’t know anyone that loves it, but those that feel neutral about it seem to have some other place in WoW that they can’t stand.  Uldaman, Magister’s Terrace, Gnomeregan, and Wailling Caverns come up a lot in these discussions.  All the complaining about Oculus seems to have caught Blizz’s attention, however. I suppose their changes to it might reduce the incidence of folks running against the wall and alt-F4’ing out of their LFG groups. (Might.)


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  1. Hehe…my boyfriend and I ran the Oculus with a PUG this weekend…it was a bitch to run too! And everyone kept saying how much they hated it (except for me since I never had and have only been playing since July). It seemed ironically fitting that they nerfed it in the new patch LOL!

  2. OCC popped up as the random dungeon last night in LFG….I did it and was reminded of how much I hate it.

    The two problems that I’ve identified with it are:
    1. 3D is a billion more times complex than 2D. I get lost while standing on top of the group!

    2. What the heck are these buttons for and how do they work. We learn our spells/strikes/whatever for our toons, and then throw them all out the window for the last boss.

    We ended up wiping twice before we all got our collective poop together. And to think they nerfed the instance…/shudder.


  3. I got OCC as a random dungeon and while it’s still not my favourite instance it certainly seems less painful than when running it with guildies.

    However all the points against it still remain,
    – fighting on dragons instead of 80 levels worth of honed abilities
    – getting lost
    – and a new trick from last night, pulling one of the flying drakes just as the tank pulls the boss, wipetastic

    I won’t go out of my way to avoid the place, but I do feel slightly less enthused when that loading screen appears.

  4. @skaty

    Yeah, I think folks started complaining loudly about Oculus when the random dungeon thing was first announced. I sort of feel bad for whoever designed the place, because they probably thought it was pretty cool in concept. And it is! It’s just not fun to play through. 😦


    Your second point is another part of why I generally dislike the vehicle mechanic. I’m sure it’s a lot easier for them to balance counters when they only have 5 or 6 spells to weigh against (rather than every possible spell of a random combination of classes), but in the end, we chose our classes because we want to cast our spells. We don’t want to ride around on dragons.

    I do think Flame Leviathan is great fun, but Oculus and Malygos are both huge pains in the ass. Perhaps it’s that extra axis we have to move along.

    (I said 3D up there, too, but I guess the whole game is 3D, since it’s not a sidescroller. I think we’re on the same page though! It’s the damn flying.)


    I’m getting to that point, as well, I think. I”m resigned to the fact that I will end up with Oculus at some point, so I may as well just run it. We’ll see. I’ve read that groups sometimes break apart when they discover they’re being sent to Oculus. I suppose if enough folks dropped, I’d take the deserter buff, too.

  5. I would submit that the vast majority of instances require 2D thought in the X and Z axes with very limited movement in the Y (Jump) direction (Hello Nexus).

    With removing the limit on the Y axis (no gravity or yes flying), I lose all sense of competency. It just ain’t natural!

  6. Yeah, I guess if you think about the dungeon itself as being a large plane, then that part of it is 2D. That’s definitely what I meant. I just stopped and thought for a sec about the whole game being technically 3D. Hehe… 🙂

  7. Yes, I find the Oculus to be tedious. No, it’s not difficult as such. Yes, the 3-dimensional aspect can be confusing. But the real problem, as people point out, is the ‘vehicle’ aspect.

    Like others, I like my characters because of their class and the abilities those classes have. To abandon those abilities for the majority of an instance is disappointing, particularly when they are replaced with maybe three abilities at a maximum. I understand that anything more complex will make it difficult to adjust to quickly, but the battles come down to static fights and mashing buttons. It doesn’t even matter what order the buttons are mashed, as each ability can be used as soon as it comes off its separate cool-down. It’s disappointing.

    It’s a shame that the mounted combat in Oculus is boring, because the sub-boss fights are quite interesting, requiring mobility and awareness. But they are enough to make up for the general tedium, sadly.

  8. I absolutely REFUSE to PUG Oculus. I have run it with my guild, just to get the achievement. However pugging it is a monumental waste of time. It should be removed from the random rotation or alternatively, players should be given the option to remove it.

    Some people attack me for expressing these views, often pointing out how “easy” the dungeon is. If you’re one of these people, get yourself a dictionary and look up the word “easy.” Easy doesn’t mean “fun.” A lot of things are easy but not fun. In life, often we don’t have the choice to avoid non fun things. In WOW however, a GAME for which I pay $15 a month for fun, I have the option NOT to participate in events that I find UNenjoyable, even if they are “easy”.

    Some players are just irrationally angry about it and I have seen forum posts suggesting that players who don’t like Oculus should be FORCED to run it every day and PUNISHED for refusing to run it! I find these extreme views both funny and disturbing. Funny because people who express them are simply frustrated often to find themselves short handed when Oculus pops in the random rotation (which is more often than ANY other dungeon, giving me doubt as to how “random” it really is). It’s disturbing in that players should be sufficiently mature enough to accept the fact that many people don’t want to run Oculus and are willing to take the debuff instead, without making it PERSONAL.

    My solution when I get popped into an Oculus pug is to leave immediately, opening a spot for someone who wants to run the dungeon. If Oculus fans still find themselves shorthanded in PUGS it’s because the dungeon is hated, not because the players who hate it are assholes and deserve “punishment.”

    EASY does not mean FUN.

  9. I’m just sick of it. Random queue: oculus. 1st time, every time, I /leave. Wait. requeue, oculus. I leave. wait, requeue – stratholme, the other one I hate. But sick of waiting so I run it. requeue – oculus again. /leave, exit game, watch tv and try again tomorrow, and the whole thing repeats.

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