Burnout Achieved

I mainly blame the dungeon finder.  Yes, it is an amazing feature of the game and I could not get enough of it when it first came out.  Unfortunately, I overindulged, and now I cannot stomach those same old heroics anymore. “Daily random anyone?” a guildmate says, and I get an overwhelmingly weary feeling.  I can’t even be arsed to collect my 2 frost emblems per day any more.

I am not enjoying raiding anymore either.  There are a lot of reasons behind this one and I won’t bother to go into details here.  This is easily the most depressing development in my WoW career and I’ve been tempted to unsub and disappear because of the circumstances surrounding it.  I always loved raiding  — it was my favorite part of the game.  Now, I’m always hoping my husband will want to do something else on raid nights, so we’ll have an excuse not to go.  The team I’m currently raiding with is pretty fun, so I do enjoy myself when I go, but I have a suspicion I wouldn’t miss it if I quit.

I’m still working on achievements, but somewhat half-heartedly.  I’ve had the top achievement totals in the guild for a while now (thanks to one of our achievement hounds taking a long hiatus and someone with an uncatchable score quitting the guild, hehe), but there are a couple of people nipping at my heels now.  I confess I look forward to them overtaking me so that I don’t have to worry about staying on top any more.  I’ve always made it a point not to be too competitive about achievements, but I expect a lot of smack talk when I fall to the #2 position.

The Cure

I don’t know that there is one.  I do still care a lot about many of the people in the guild.  I’m proud of the community that we have.  I want to stick around, so I’m going to try.

One thing that’s helped is getting back into pvp a bit.  The random battleground finder might be a great thing if the guild were to reinstitute “drunken pvp night,” too.  I’d love to see that happen.

I have also rolled a sekrit shaman for when I do not feel like dealing with specific people in the guild.  It’s totally felt like a vacation and not just for the lack of interpersonal garbage.  There’s no pressure to gear up, run heroics, nothing like that… it’s just me running around with a big stick and smacking peons.  I miss that carefree phase of the game.

And Then There Was Balance

This is all part of the natural order of things, I realize. All these symptoms point firmly to burnout, down to every detail on Nick Yee’s chart.  I’m finally there.

I suppose one could say that a bit of the depression I’m feeling is remorse for time ill-spent, slack-jawed at my computer screen while my husband and cats try to get my attention.  I’m sure that’s part of it, though I’m sure if I hadn’t been playing WoW, I’d have been sitting slack-jawed elsewhere, not using my time any more wisely.  I’m not, by nature, an extraordinarily productive person. 🙂

Unless Cataclysm hits by beginning of summer (fat chance), I can’t see how I’ll last much longer than that unless something miraculous happens or I make some major changes in how I play.  There is just not that much left to do and if it’s not fun, why do it?

The good part of burnout is that I do feel like some balance has been restored in my life.  I don’t feel the compulsion to log into WoW every spare moment.  I have still play several hours per week, but I have gone back to playing other games on the side.  (I had a long Civ IV session yesterday — it was so awesome!)  My husband and I have started watching movies again, plus a couple of tv series on DVD.  I have finally gotten around to cleaning out our office closet and have some other similar projects on the horizon.  So, it’s not all bad.  This is more similar to what “normal” people, even normal MMO players do, I suspect.


8 responses

  1. I went through the same thing in March of last year. I’m keeping my interest up by learning a new role (tanking) and playing some of my neglected alts.

    But then again, I’m doing some consistent raiding for probably the first time in a while and that keeps things interesting as well.

    Eventually, I think burnout is inevitable for me anyways; I like playing something, so I play it a lot, and I grow tired of it. Rinse and repeat.

    • Yeah, same for me. It’s the same cycle with every obsession, not just video games. Happened to me with Scrabble and evening writing to some degree.

      I’m wandering back now, albeit a lot more casually. Did you get sucked back in by Cataclysm or are you still blissfully WoW-free? 🙂

  2. Burnout affected me as well a couple times.

    I managed to get server’s first full wrath back in the day…. then in AQ 40 just before Princess Huhuran I decided to delete my account and never look back.

    But then TBC came… i was like “OMG I MUST INVESTIGATE KARAZHAN”… I came back… did some Kara… and then i entered a nice guild.. but the raid leader (girl from sweden) was a total biatch.

    I had to leave the guild (too hardcore for my new-casual taste) ’cause she was like “HUNTERS FD IF WE WIPE! ALL TAKE DAMAGE IF WE WIPE!!!”

    … and then sold my account! 🙂

    Then WOTLK came… I was like “OMG NEW INSTANCES NEW LORE ETC”… so I came back… But I left again (without finishing Naxxramas! :P).

    And now waiting for Cataclysm to come… so I come back and enjoy the new content / lore… and then I’ll probably quit again – I hate repetitive instance /raid grinding just to get new epix that will replace the old epix – pixel ewhoring!



    • And did Cataclysm lure you back? 🙂

      I’ve got an update post brewing myself. While I’m back (kind of) it’s in a much reduced capacity thanks to real life developments. I won’t be pixel-whoring with quite the same voracity as before, and while I’ll sort of miss that, it’s a relief not to put so much pressure on myself with leveling, achievements, etc. In looking at that chart of Nick Yee’s that I linked, I am firmly in the “Recovery — End-Game/Casual” phase.

    • Hey Alik! I’m sort of coming back, though in a limited capacity. Update post soon, hopefully.

      Thanks for thinking of me. I hope you have been doing well! 😀

    • Thanks so much. 🙂

      An update post is coming soon and with any luck, I’ll be posting regularly again in the coming weeks (in between leveling my goblin shaman ;)).

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