a spark

Three years…!

I didn’t mean to totally disappear. I thought for sure I’d post occasional updates, because I never stopped gaming.  Whenever I wandered here to read my old posts, however, I liked that the blog encapsulated my WoW experience so completely.  I started writing here when I was still new to WoW and to MMO’s, bright-eyed and alt-addicted and a little bit scared of PvP.  As I wrapped up, I had raiding fatigue, social burnout, and also knew I’d need to make a clean break from the game within the year anyway…

…because I was pregnant! We had our baby in the fall of 2010.  Knowing that big life change was coming made quitting the game even easier. Part of me wonders if it intensified my reactions to the various things happening in the guild. I’m not just talking about the hormones either. It’s easier to quit something you’ve been doing for a long time if you’re convinced you don’t like it.  I really had started to hate parts of it, too, like the raid leadership. 

I played on and off very casually after leaving my guild. I rerolled on a new server with different friends and unsubbed sometime before the kiddo was born.  Obviously, having a baby didn’t leave me with a lot of time or energy to play, but when Cataclysm was released, I couldn’t resist looking over my husband’s shoulder to see how the landscape in Azeroth had changed.  All it took was a single flight over Thousand Needles and I was at my battle.net account page putting in my credit card number.  I played very differently than I had when I was a raider and guild officer, of course, but it was a rather nice way to relax.  I liked the new content, too. I wasn’t a big fan of how they’d changed the priest mechanics, however, so ended up giving shaman healing a try and really loved it. (And so continued my tradition of changing mains with the expansion because I didn’t like the class changes. Same thing happened between BC and Wrath with my hunter.)

Blizzard then suckered me in with the one-year sub + D3 deal. Once D3 came out I never played WoW again. I might write more about D3 at some point, but for now I’ll just say that for as excited as I was about that announcement, and the possibility of playing with all my D2 friends that couldn’t bring themselves to pay a monthly sub for WoW, the game didn’t have nearly the longevity for me that I hoped it would.  This is for a multitude of reasons. My game time was much more limited, it was hard to find overlapping time with friends, etc, but ultimately the game was to blame, too. It just wasn’t that interesting to me to gear myself through the auction house.  In fact, the auction house was pretty much the only “mini-game” and the rest was was going through the same content over and over.  Snooze.  What a disappointment.

I played odds and ends of MMO’s when I could, but one of the other new limiting factors was that I’d switched to a mac.  Of course EVE Online has always had a mac version, but there wasn’t much else to choose from if I didn’t want to play WoW. There are more mac clients now (LotRO and GW2, I’m told), but the new games that tempted me (Rift, The Secret World) did not have them. Alas. I did sub to EVE for a while and had a stint with a fun/promising corp there (and I’ll surely write about this in another entry), but ended up dropping my subscription when we bought our house.  (That’s another hefty timesucker.)  The only other game I played at length was Glitch. (RIP.)

As an aside, I told myself that the distance from gaming was a really good thing, because one of my other goals was to write a novel.  (This was part of my plan when I quit freelancing.)  I fiddled around with various writing projects while I was pregnant, but didn’t really get a foothold on any of them. I took a lengthy break from writing after kiddo was born and began a new project in earnest when he was about a year old.  I started meeting every week with one of my old guildies (who happens to be a local) because he was writing, too.  It took a little more than a year, but I finally completed a full draft.  I’m working on revisions now.  (Yay?)

And so what sparked the comeback? I was looking for another writing outlet, certainly, and I have missed gaming, but it also has to do with my son.  He’s 2.5 now and is beginning to show an interest in computer games.  He’s not picking this up at home — he has never seen us play games before.  We don’t have a tablet for him or anything like that either.  Instead, he’s started playing with the kids’ terminals at the public library.  Some of the games he likes are deadly boring (so he may have inherited my husband’s infinite capacity for doing dailies), but it’s still fascinating to watch him play them.  It took him a few weeks to get the hang of using a mouse, but he’s pretty good at it now (though he almost always right-clicks before he left-clicks, maybe because the mouse is so big in his tiny hand).

He gets frustrated with the games from time to time because, well, he’s two, but also because the games don’t do what he expects. He already thinks every element in the environment should be responsive in some way if he clicks on it.  If he can see a place, he wants to be able to go there.  He doesn’t like it when the characters gab at him for too long. (He inherits that one from me.)  It’s interesting.  Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that he has opinions about game design, because he certainly has opinions about everything else.

The combination of all of these things got me thinking about the blog here again. I’ve already got some posts in mind. My feed reader has more than 100 dead gaming blogs in it, but I’ve been sifting through those and catching up a bit. (I see I wasn’t the only one disappointed with D3, heh heh…)

So, here we go again? Let’s see what happens.

And what are you playing?