Do you hate Oculus?

I do. I absolutely loathe the place.  I’ll run any other heroic any time, but Oculus is the one that you have to twist my arm for.  “It’s not hard,” my guildmate who doesn’t mind the place keeps telling me. Yes, I know it’s not hard.  I know how to do the encounters and am capable of executing them.  I just don’t enjoy them.  Like,  not at all.

This hatred was born in pick-up groups back in the months after Wrath was released.  It seemed everyone’s cluelessness was amplified to unbearable degrees in Oculus.  It was mainly in the “fly around and stay together” part.  There was always someone who got lost or fell behind and then pulled additional mobs and wiped the group.  Wipe recovery meant navigating back to our previous spot through three dimensions (evidently rather confounding for some).  Worse, sometimes people would lose their drake-summoning thing and have to go back to get another one, meaning they’d have to navigate through all the skipped mobs yet again (sometimes just to die again immediately).

Once, we got so tired of a person losing their drake repeatedly that we instead had the warlock in the group summon them whenever we landed on a platform.  So, you know the boss that ports himself from platform to platform?  Yeah, we summoned this player in between the fight on each platform.  I’m sure you’re wondering how we even got the final boss down.  It ended up being a non-issue, as we didn’t get Mr. Portalpants down before two people had to leave for dinner.

I have run Oculus with my guild and we don’t have such problems, obviously.  We’re usually in vent, too, while we run heroics, so that makes it even easier to communicate and stay together.  Even so, I have had such rotten experiences there in the past, I do not have fun in there even when going in with my very competent guildies.

So, I hate to say it, but Blizz’s “fix” in the 3.3 patch, which nerfs Oculus in and attempt to make it more appealing, isn’t going to make the place any less painful for me.  It really was not the difficulty level, it was the design.  Plus, my hatred of the place has now grown to such unreasonable proportions, I think the only way to repair it would be to blow the place up and fully redesign it. (I know that’s not really an option.)

I know I’m not the only one that hates the place.  I don’t know anyone that loves it, but those that feel neutral about it seem to have some other place in WoW that they can’t stand.  Uldaman, Magister’s Terrace, Gnomeregan, and Wailling Caverns come up a lot in these discussions.  All the complaining about Oculus seems to have caught Blizz’s attention, however. I suppose their changes to it might reduce the incidence of folks running against the wall and alt-F4’ing out of their LFG groups. (Might.)


Obvious Bias

After Schramm apologized for his “obvious bias” in this WI article about Azeroth Advisor, I thought maybe there would be some reform.  His apology seemed to have been prompted by this excellent post by Lassirra at The Hunter’s Mark, and frankly, it surprised me to see him back down given his tone on the WI podcast at times.  I was happy to see him edit the original post and acknowledge how unprofessional his comments were.  Apparently, there was no reform, however. His tone in this recent post about the WAR developer’s comments about Blizzard is just … ugh.  Embarrassing.  As frustrated as I get reading WI sometimes, somewhere deep down, I’ve still been rooting for them because I do like some of their writers.  But, between snark like this, the rampant misspellings, and the abundance of filler posts, I’m losing the faith.  If the intent is to relay information, beginning an article with “Oh, this is rich,” doesn’t exactly scream journalistic integrity.