Anyone still reading out there?  Heh… I know I’ve been quiet.  I’ve been playing plenty of WoW lately, raiding a couple times a week with my guild, running heroics, doing officer-y things, and have even dusted off some alts, but somehow, none of it has seemed post-worthy.

I’m having a great time, it just seems that my experiences have become rather predictable and not that much fun to write about.  I could tell you that we’ve downed Hodir, Thorim, and have taken our first crack at Mimiron.  I could mention that my husband and I have dusted off our achievement duo in hopes that we’ll get Loremaster done before the old world explodes.  All this might be interesting for me to read about in the future, maybe, as I look back on my time in the game, but it’s really not interesting to me now.  I doubt it’s interesting to any readers either.  It feels like a half-assed update.  A diary entry with no reflection.  “Today at school we had pizza for lunch and played kickball in gym.”  Bleah.

I’m starting to bore myself.  I’m lacking inspiration.  I used to find it by going out into Azeroth and pugging or questing in the noob areas.  Now, I pretty much only hang out with my guildies and in the interest of anonymity, I won’t say many specific things about them here.

I’ve also found myself skipping over a lot of WoW blogs lately in favor of more general MMO oriented blogs.  Whenever I get around to cleaning up my blogroll (mainly removing the listings of bloggers that have quit over the last six months), I have a feeling that the WoW:General ratio is going to be much closer to 1:1.  It may even be more skewed toward the general.  It’s moments like this where I wonder whether I should have chosen a less WoW-oriented title for my blog.  Heh… it’s dated even more because I wasn’t thinking ahead beyond the Burning Crusade expansion.  Oh well, it’s still me, right?

I don’t have any specific plans yet, but I’m hoping to rekindle my interest (and yours?) in the blog with more thoughtful posts that have less to do with my in-game activities and more about my thoughts on the state of WoW and possibly other games that I’ve tried recently.  Either that or you won’t hear from me for another month.  😉