Only Two?

I almost wonder if people looked at the title of my last post and thought I was plugging someone else’s contest for the free Arthas book.  Seriously, Simon and Schuster would like to give away promotional copies.  So, please see my last post if you would like the opportunity to win a free copy.  Heck, if only three more people post there, you are all guaranteed a copy.

Either that or my readership has dwindled more than I realized.  🙂


In WoW news, my priest shelled out for the dual spec.  It was a natural move, since I had been respeccing with reasonable regularity.  Several of the other priest healers are now working on shadow sets, which puts me in an interesting position.  I previously switched to shadow to be sure that I was still able to raid, despite the healer surplus we had.  Does this mean I’ll now have to heal while they play with their new shadow specs?  I suppose it doesn’t really matter.  I do like healing, too.

I’m still enjoying focusing on one toon, too.  It has been nice to have all my badge-earning centralized.  The only bad part is that, since I have just one 80 at the moment, it leaves me with just one raid ID per week for various raids.  Our guild is in the process of trying to put together a second raid team, and it kind of sucks that I have no toons to offer them.

My paladin made it to 70, but is waiting for the mister to be ready to play his shaman again, as we’d decided to continue leveling them as a duo.   He’s been focusing on his warrior, so I’ve started playing my druid a bit.  She’s at 46 now and enjoying the feral life. /pounce!


A Contest: Arthas

At first, he’d felt a little uncomfortable. The first few combatants in the ring were simple beasts pitted against one another, fighting to the death for no reason other than the enjoyment of the onlookers. “How are they treated prior to this?” Arthas had asked. He was fond of animals; it unsettled him to see them used so.

Langston had opened his mouth, but Blackmoore shushed him with a quick gesture. He had smiled, leaning back in his chaise lounge and snagging a bunch of grapes. “Well of course we want them at their fighting peak,” he said. “So they are captured and treated quite well. And as you can see, the bouts go quickly. If an animal survives and is not able to continue fighting again, we put him down at once, mercifully.”

Arthas hoped the man was not lying to him. A sick feeling in his gut told him Blackmoore probably was, but he ignored it. The feeling vanished when the fighting involved men against the beasts. As he watched, riveted, Blackmoore said, “The men are paid well. They in fact become minor celebrities.”

Not the orc, though. And Arthas knew it, and approved. That’s what he was waiting for — the chance to see Blackmoore’s pet orc, found as an infant and raised to be a fighter in these rings, in combat.

He was not disappointed. Apparently, everything up until now had been a warm-up for the crowd. When the doors creaked open and a huge green shape strode forward, everyone stood, roaring. Somehow Arthas found himself among them.

Thrall was enormous, appearing even larger because he was obviously so much healthier and alert than the other specimens Arthas had seen in the camps. He wore little armor and no helm, and green skin stretched tightly over powerful muscle. Too, he stood straighter than others. The cheering was deafening, and Thrall walked a circle around the ring, lifting his fists, turning his ugly face up to be showered with rose petals usually reserved for holidays.

“I taught him to do that,” Blackmoore said with pride. “It’s an odd thing, really. The crowd cheers for him, yet they come hoping every time he’ll get beaten.”

“Has he ever lost a bout?”

“Never, Your Highness. Nor will he. Yet people keep hoping, and the money keeps flowing.”

The above is an excerpt from Christie Golden’s wowcover_120smArthas: Rise of the Lich King, the new WoW book scheduled for release this month. (Read a longer excerpt here.) When I was contacted to see if I’d be willing to host a giveaway on my blog for copies of the book, I couldn’t resist.  They offered me an advance copy of the book, as well, though I was a bit slow on the response (due to work stuff), so haven’t received it yet.  I’ll certainly post my review as soon as I’m caught up on things.

In looking around the blogosphere, it appears that I am not the only one who was contacted by Marni, the woman organizing this promotion for Simon and Schuster.  I think this is a really cool thing that they’re doing for our corner of the WoW community.  Marni didn’t specifically ask that we do this, but I liked it that BBB posted a link to their opt-in alerts page along with his contest.  This is a very nice way to support Simon and Schuster and encourage them to continue these sorts of promotional giveaways.

The Contest

My initial thought was to have folks produce something creative related to WoW lore (particularly the Arthas story), but since 1) this is not particularly a lore-related blog, and 2) I know little about lore, I decided not to go this way.   Instead, I’d like to stick a little more closely to the blog’s roots in noobness, etiquette, and the joys of leveling and learning the game. Plus, in this book, we will be learning a bit about what Arthas, Thrall, & Co. were doing back when they were still leveling… 😉

To enter, all you need to do is respond to this post with a noobish confession.

Your Confession

Your confession can be long or short and related to any part of your progression through the game. (In other words, if you have a really funny raiding story, please do submit it.)  The more funny and cringeworthy, the better.  If something actually makes me laugh out loud or physically cringe in embarrassment for you, I might pop an extra copy of your name into the hat.  Readers are also welcome to add a vote for a story to receive such a bonus, as well.


As the contest closes, I’ll put all the entries in a hat (once or twice, depending on the funny/cringe quotient).  My lovely and impartial husband will then draw five winners, each of whom will receive a copy of the new Arthas book.

The Rules

Your mailing address must be in the US or Canada.  Not that it will be a huge issue, given the relatively low traffic here, but please just enter once.

I’ll close the contest on Friday, April 17th, noon, EST, and do the drawing that evening.  I’ll contact the winners by e-mail to get their addresses for Simon and Schuster, who will be mailing the books directly.


So, who will be the first to confess? 🙂

*poke poke*

/readies the soft cushions and the comfy chair

Droppin’ like flies out there…

Looks like we’ve had another rash of blog closings in the last few months.  Some are quitting WoW because they’re bored with the game (having finished all the content or not), others want/need to spend more time with family, and some are just refocusing their efforts on other things.  This is all fine and dandy — it’s a hobby, and we’ll all move on from it some day.  Blogging, too, is a hobby that enriches our main hobbies.  When that becomes a chore, it’s also time to move on from that.

Dax gave me a nudge recently, noting that I hadn’t been posting much recently.  It’s true.  Again, this has to do with my new job.  I hated my old job, so much of my time was spent messing around on the internet, letting me blog as much as I wanted.  Now, not only do I like my job, it’s a writing job!  So, I have to try not to let myself get too distracted thinking about the game during the day.  (I write from the same computer that has WoW on it, too, leaving me constantly in peril!)

In any case, I mean to reassure (the five readers that I have left) that it’s doubtful I’ll close the blog any time soon.  I will, one day, finish those big posts I have going, too.

I’ll also have a post next week offering something unexpected:  a contest.  Given the focus of this blog, it’s not the most natural move for me. (I’ve never been one of the “big” bloggers, I’m the sole writer here, and I write the content with little expectation of readership.)  Still, someone contacted me asking if I would hold a contest for them if they provided the prizes and … well, when I saw what the prize was, I had to say yes.

Stay tuned… 😉