This blog was originally created to chronicle my game experiences in leveling my first World of Warcraft character to 70.  I did finally get to Outland, ding 70 several times over, and make it to 80 in Northrend with the Wrath expansion where my casual guild did a bit of raiding. (You’ll read some complaining about that.)  The guild started to crumble a bit by the time we got to Icecrown, which I never personally finished. I ended up taking a break from the game due to burnout, not to mention an impending addition to our family.  🙂

Even before that, I began to explore other games. I played Ikariam, Chronicles of Spellborn, DDO, and other assorted free to play games.  I mess around in LotRO from time to time and am a chronic resubscriber to EVE Online.  (I haven’t played WoW since Diablo 3 came out.)

For a long time, I went by the handle “Ess,” for “S,” because my name is Suzanne. I wanted to stay relatively anonymous, but I care a little less about that these days.  You can find a little more about me in the first entry of this blog.  A new “what I’ve been up to” post is coming soon.


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