All your mutton chop are belong to us

(Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!)

The Purple Pox team kicked the collective butt of the inhabitants of Gnomeregan last night. Srsly.

This was my first time in Gnomer, and though I’d heard many terrible things about it, I didn’t think it was so bad. Maybe I’d grow to hate it if I pugged it a few times. It does seem to be a place where things could get out of control, particularly if the alarm bots weren’t disposed of quickly enough. As Horde, we didn’t have all the quests with the punchcards either, so maybe those are annoying, too.

Our biggest challenge wasn’t the mobs, it was finding our way around. The layout was a bit confusing and we had to do some wandering to find some of the last bosses, as well as the escort quest. There appeared to be plenty of opportunities for me to fall off of things and potentially aggro the rest of the instance, but I managed not to walk off any ledges (this time). When we were starting the final escort quest, I thought, “Oh great! This guy will just lead us out.” Uh, no … he wanted to follow us out. Doh!

But, we made it out. No wipes, no pulls that we couldn’t handle… are we just too good?

Most of the stuff that dropped just got sharded, though I think Wara did come away with an upgrade. The quest reward for ‘Rig Wars’ was a nice upgrade for me: Triprunner Dungarees. They also seem better than the pants I picked up in RFK that I still can’t wear yet because I’m only level 28. Heh… Oh! And did I mention that there were mutton chops?! Plus, accusations of some mutton chop ninja-ing. Were there screenshots? Did it happen? /rumor! /innuendo! /dramaz!

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Gnomer is gnot bad!

…That was it?


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