Readings for your Thursday

Some of my favorite posts from this week…

Mythbusting: 1-70 in a Day, by A Dwarf Priest. I can’t wait to see what he does next in this series. (Enjoyable blog all around, too.)

Omigawd! App drama ftw!11!!! from the Big Bear Butt, a confessed Drama Llama. I’m totally with him on this. Bring on the schadenfreude. I loves it. I don’t like drama or idiocy in my guilds, but I totally enjoy watching others’ dramas, the same way that some people sekritly enjoy stirring things up in Trade Chat.

The Big Bear’s most recent ‘Shifting Perspectives’ column at WoW Insider was also awesome. I suspect my next Sidhe Devil might be a drood! 🙂

It’s a bit more than a week old, but I really enjoyed this post by Lifebloomer, about how the server going down may have, in a larger sense, saved their raid. GG Instance Server!

Why Do you Play? over at The Egotistical Priest. I’ve been considering the same question, given how much I’ve been playing lately, and have come to the same conclusion. 🙂

The Goblin in the Tuxedo: Why War and AoC are awesome, at Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog. I realize that much of the post is actually the writing of someone called Barbryn who posted her thoughts in the official WoW forums, but generally, I really enjoy reading what these guys have to say. They’re part of a circle of bloggers separate from the usual WoW folks, though some of them do play (or have played) WoW. They blog more about MMOs in general, and given that WoW is my first (and only) MMO, I find it all fascinating. They often play in the open (and closed) betas for new games coming out, and I like the way all the blogs play off each other. I know I’m going to miss some goodies, but also check out pΘtshΘt, Hardcore Casual, Common Sense Gamer, Ancient Gaming Noob, Journeys with Jaye, and of course, Tobold. (Many of these folks have podcasts over at the Virgin Worlds Collective, too.) I don’t always agree with them (mainly because I’m still very happy with WoW and have zero interest in EVE Online), but the exchanges always make me think.

Groups of Words got some attention from WoW Insider on one of their recent funny posts, but they’ve got some great insights as well. Their recent musings on The Downside of Endgame Guilds hit pretty close to home.

And one final non-WoW post from Doomilias at A View from Behind. Behold, “Xtra Cheese.” Hilarious.


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